Your pet's health care needs change as they age. Puppies and kittens have health needs that are different from adult and senior pets.
We provide special Puppy and Kitten Wellness Packages that include nutrition counseling, preventive medicine, and behavioral training advice. These exams include diagnostic tests, nutritional counseling, and client education opportunities.
As puppies and kittens grow older, their health care needs change. Your pet enters their adult lives around the age of 2 and their senior years around the age of 7. Adult and senior pets start developing diseases such as heart disease, cancer, endocrine disease, and diabetes. Preventative healthcare is very important for seniors as many of these diseases can go unrecognized earlier in their life.
You can minimize suffering in your senior pets, avoid unnecessary health risks, and prevent diseases with early detection. We recommend older pets be examined every 6 to eight 8 with complete diagnostic care, including a full laboratory screening.